Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Our PEN New England panel with music critic and novelist Bill Flanagan, poet and lyricist Paul Muldoon, and singer, songwriter and musician Paul Simon is available for viewing here. Great talk about writing and music, with a couple of poems from Muldoon and two Paul Simon performances, including a song from his new album not yet released. At the end of the evening I was proud to announce our new PEN New England Award for Lyrics of Literary Excellence, an annual prize which which will be presented for the first time at next year's panel.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Chris Hedges, telling the truth about our current political, economic, and moral predicament. The picture when he connects the dots is devastating, but essential to understand if we are to begin to think clearly and outside of the conceptual boundaries set by the corporate state. Watch this! It's about 45 minutes long. Less than an hour to cleanse your view of delusions foisted on us by a 24/7 propaganda machine.

Friday, March 04, 2011


Adrian Mitchell

Truth is a diamond
A diamond is hard
You don’t exist
Without a Barclaycard

Sorry bout that
Sorry bout that
Even South African cops
Do the sorry bout that

They showed me the world and said:
What do you think?
I said: Half about women
And half about drink

And I’m sorry bout that
Sorry bout that
Mother I need that booze
And I’m sorry bout that

But if you cut your conscience
Into Kenno-meat chunks
You could get elected
To the House of Drunks

Sorry bout that
Sorry bout that
You’ll never have to think again
And I’m sorry bout that

You can do the Skull
Or the Diplomat
But I do a dance
Called the Sorry Bout That

Do the Mighty Whitey
Or the Landlord Rat
But I’ll keep grooving,
To the Sorry Bout That

Sorry Bout That
Sorry bout that
They make me dance with pistols and ten to one
I’m sorry bout that

Hey Johnny Betjeman
Where you been?
Down Buckingham Pigstye
With Princess Margarine

Sorry bout that
Sorry bout that
Bop goes my knighthood
Pretty Jesus but I'm sorry bout that

I saw Money walking
Down the road
Claws like an eagle
And a face like a toad

Well I know your name baby
Seen you before
Slapping on your make-up
For the Third World War

Sorry bout that
Sorry bout that
Someone set the world on fire
And I’m sorry bout that.

more about Adrian Mitchell here and here.