Saturday, August 06, 2011


Walt, under my bootsoles you smell like napthalene and paint
whenever the water table rises, and no one is held accountable

Generalists with cell phones selling wellness products on the
beltways of America at eighty miles per hour beli

they are the first to ever want a life that’s more than labo
r and
have made that aspiration a creed. Their pr
ayer: May I get

Your beautiful roughs have been trained to kill a dozen ways,
contractors n
ow, not camerados, and none can
be heard

above the mating calls of money sounding in t
he air now
everywhere instead of the flocks of sparrows you heard
in Camden.

Do I sound bitter? Very well then, I sound bitter
. I am large.
I contain the entire betrayal of our country, Walt, it
s feudal lords

for whom democracy is an obstacle, for
whom humans are
resources, a cost of doing business, regretta
ble expenditures,

and I’m not feeling especially amative, lo
afing here, my soul
so far declining my invitation, maybe becaus
e a camera in a tree

is beaming my image to a satellit
e tracked by a monitor
in a subterranean office somewhere deep
in These United States.

— RH 8/2011